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  • 新型コロナウイルスPCR検査を行っています

Notification of PCR test and issuing certificate against COVID-19

▶ PCR検査の概要 Outline of PCR test

≫ 検査日 test date

  • 平日(月・火・木・金曜日) 9:00 ~ 11:00  14:00~16:00(完全予約制)1日12名
    Weekday (Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri) 9:00 -11:00AM 14:00-16:00PM (reservation required) 12 people a day
  • 土曜日 9:00 ~ 11:00(完全予約制)1日4名
    Saturday 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM (reservation required) 4 people a day

※ 土曜日に検査した場合は、証明書の受け取りが翌月曜日になります。
● If the test is conducted on Saturday, the certificate will be issued next Monday.
※ 日祝日は実施していません。
● We do not conduct the test on Sunday and national holidays.

≫ 主な対象者 Main target person

  • 海外渡航の際に、入国先から新型コロナウイルスPCR検査陰性証明書を要求されている方
    The person who is requested PCR test negative certificate against COVID-19 by the country where you visit for the trip.
  • 学校や企業から新型コロナウイルスPCR検査陰性証明書を要求されている方
    The person who is requested PCR test negative certificate against COVID-19 by the school or company.
  • 出張のため企業からPCR検査陰性証明書を要求されている方
    The person who requested PCR test negative certificate against COVID-19 by the company for business trip.

<注意事項> <NOTE>

  • 検査当日~2週間前まで体調が優れないことがあった場合はご予約いただいても検査が実施できないことがあります。
    If you had not good health conditions from 2 weeks before until the test day, the test may not be conducted even if you reserve it.
  • 渡航国所定の書類、検査や書類の有効期間などは、ご自身でご確認ください。
    Please confirm the requirements for the format specified by the country you will visit, test and paper validated time etc. in advance.
    ※「外務省 海外安全ホームページ」
    *”Ministry of Foreign Affairs Overseas Safety Webpage”
  • PCR検査の結果が陽性となった場合には、保健所に連絡させていただきます。なお、感染者と認められた場合には、感染症法に基づき保健所の指示に従っていただきます。
  • We will contact the Health center, if the PCR test result is positive. Also, you should follow the indications by the Health center based on infection law, if you are recognised as an infected person.
  • 入国時や入国後の対応は、渡航国の方針に従うことになります。PCR検査の証明書は、入国を確実に保証するものではありません。また、入国後の活動制限をなくす効力があるわけではありません。
    You will follow the rule when you arrive in the country and after entering the country. The PCR certificate does not guarantee entry. In addition, it does not have the effect of removing restrictions on activities after entering the country.

≫ 費用 Expense

18,000円(税込み) 18,000 yen (tax included)
● It includes the cost of the PCR test certificate. (1 piece/ English or Japanese) The medical report, other certificates will be charged.

≫ 受付方法 how to apply

●Reservation only
There is a limit of the number of PCR tests per day. Please make a reservation with plenty of time.
If there are required documents such as the certificate of PCR test conduction (English) or other forms specified by the country where you visit, please let us know when you make a reservation. The documents may not be issued by the deadline if you do not let us know it in advance.

≫ 検査結果のご連絡および証明書お渡し予定日程 The estimated date of the result and issuing the certificate

The replying and issuing date will be on the tested day(Three hours after).
If the test is conducted on Saturday, the certificate will be issued next Monday.
Note: if there is a national holiday, the schedule is not as same as above.

≫ 検査当日にお持ちいただくもの requirements for the test day

Valid passport (if you take the PCR test for travel)
ID card (driver license, my number card, residence card etc.)
Hospital’s customer card (If you have visited the hospital before)
The requested forms which you need other than we issue. (please send us the form by e-mail or FAX in advance, if it is possible)
Need to wear a mask all the time.

≫ 検査当日の流れ About the test

  1. 当院の指定した検査場所(当院敷地内)にお越しください。※詳細は後日お伝えします。
    Come to the specified test place (it is located at the hospital). * We will let you know details later.
  2. 受付にてマスクの着用を確認します。
    Confirm you wear a mask.
  3. パスポート等と申込書にてご本人確認をします。(ビザ不可)
    Confirm your passport or ID card with the application. (VISA is not allowed)
  4. 検温・医師による問診を行います。
    Check your body temperature and ask your health conditions by a doctor.
  5. PCR検査のための検体採取を実施します。
    Take the sample for the PCR test.
    Doctor will explain to you about sampling.
    Sample will be taken from the nasal cavity or saliva.
  6. 受付にて書類のお渡し方法と日程をご説明します。
    We will explain to you about how to receive the result and date at the reception.
  7. 検査費用の支払いをお願いします。
    Pay the test fee.

<渡航される方へ> For travelers
※ 当院の検査は渡航先への入国を保証するものではございません。入国の条件は、国によっては突然変更されることがあり、また渡航先の判断で入国ができない場合がありますので、渡航先の状況をよくご確認の上、検査をご依頼ください。
The PCR test does not guarantee entry. The requirements will be changed by the country suddenly. Your entry will be decided by the country,therefore there is a possibility that you may not enter. Please confirm the situation about the country you will go, and make a reservation.
※ 必ずマスクを着用してご来院ください。
You need to wear a mask when you come to the hospital.

If you have questions, please ask us by fax or telephone.

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